How It Works

Inspiremed software provides essential support for product managers, key account managers, sales teams and business intelligence analysts within the pharmaceutical and health care sectors.

Save time and money

Inspiremed software frees you from data crunching, time-consuming analysis and repetitious tasks.

Efficient segmentation and the identification of saturated markets save you both time and money.

Gain powerful insights, develop winning strategies

Far reaching benefits
Powerful, insightful data is the secret to good decision-making. In simple terms, the right data enables you to make the right commercial decisions for your company – with confidence every time.

Flexible, responsive delivery
Whether you’re office-based or constantly on the move, with Inspiremed your data is always easy to access.

Rx Analyser and IM Consultancy reports are available in the Cloud or to download for remote use:

  • A monthly model delivered to your desktop or laptop via our secure server
  • Secure 24/7 iPad or tablet access to your data in the cloud, wherever you have a 3G/4G or WiFi connection

With Inspiremed software you can:

  • Deliver rapid-fire visualisations to colleagues and clients
  • Identify your market share with precision
  • Build successful marketing campaigns based on real data
  • Target potential sales areas with real time business intelligence
  • Plan, map and report on data with ease
  • Access the broadest picture of the pharmaceutical marketplace available today

Inspiremed’s customer service is great. They always answer calls and emails and nothing is ever a problem. What’s it like, working with Inspiremed? Open dialogue. Lots of idea sharing. Great.

Senior Manager, Global Healthcare Company, 2016

At a CCG level we can show our customers how we can work with individual surgeries to get substantial cost savings and utilise their budgets better. We work with medicines management teams to help them to save money whilst also improving outcomes.

Country Manager UK, Leading Diagnostics Company

I am regularly told by my sales team that Inspiremed’s software is one of the best tools in sales, measurement and planning that they’ve ever used.

National Sales Manager, Leading UK Pharmaceutical Company

RX Analyser is an extremely intuitive tool with numerous beneficial features.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

Fantastic customer service, any requests from us to fine tune the functionality or appearance of the product is done in most cases on the same day as the request.

National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

If I had to choose one feature about Rx Analyser it would be the market overview, which gives a great snapshot of the market from practice up to National level.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

Customise your data

Inspiremed has developed the most flexible and versatile data analytics software for the healthcare sector on the market today.

With a wide range of options for bespoke customisation, you can drill down to the heart of any data set in seconds, accessing the precise information you need in a clear, visual format.

Export Rx Analyser analytics in a variety of formats, including: Excel, PDF, PPT and JPEG

Available customisations include:

  • Territories
  • Regions
  • Product categories
  • User specific filters
  • Analysis timeframe
  • Sales vs Target
  • Forecasting
  • Contact lists
  • Demographics
RX Analyser

RX Analyser provides at a glance data and produces enhanced business intelligence for the health care sector. Manage and enhance large datasets with ease and use Rx Analyser to identify key market dynamics.

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IM Consultancy

IM Consultancy provides pharmaceutical companies with innovative advice and support to develop data solutions and analytics to support their business.

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RX Analyser

We make analytics simple

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Technology moves fast

Future proof your business with Inspiremed's agile and intuitive next generation software. Stay ahead of the curve and drive your business forward.

Interpret sales data with ease

Access and interpret NHS and IMS and other sales data with ease with RX Analyser. Produce enhanced analytics, read and manipulate data, and make simple interpretations.

View data at a glance

The RX Analyser design is instinctive and highly visual. The platform displays chosen data at a glance. Make it easy to extract valuable interpretations and analyses.

Access the information you need

Cut data in myriad ways and access the information you need. Produce enhanced business intelligence. Visualise key metrics and actionable data at-a-glance.

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