How Health Data Analytics is working with Inspiremed

How Health Data Analytics is working with Inspiremed in the wound, stoma and continence care sector

Health Data Analytics has been working in partnership with Inspiremed to provide clients in the wound, stoma and continence markets with the largest, most flexible and versatile commercial dataset available.

“Using Inspiremed’s unique platform, Health Data Analytics can create bespoke dashboards that meet the needs of clients by providing the tools to set sales targets, define sales territories and identify competitor ‘hot spots’.”

Justin Cole, Director of Health Data Analytics

Unparalleled market insights

With more than 50 years’ combined experience within the medical device markets, the partners behind Health Data Analytics combine their unparalleled knowledge with Inspiremed’s cutting edge technical experience to deliver data that is now demanded by companies that need market data that is both accurate and user friendly.

“With Inspiremed’s RxAnalyser platform, the NHS’s prescription dataset can be coded, cleansed and enhanced – the software transforms unmanageable raw data into an easy-to-view format that reveals clear, focused and actionable results.”

Andrew Norman, Director of Inspiremed

Additional market analysis

Justin and his partners provide strategic insights at senior levels in wound, stoma and continence business’s and have absolute knowledge of both their clients’ brands and competitor brands. Their experience and expertise gives them added insight so that Health Data Analytics can provide analysis, which can benefit and ultimately help clients achieve their goals.

“I enjoy getting insights from data because it demonstrates how our clients can grow their brands. Companies that didn’t know how to find sales can see where and when they should target specific trusts and territories – and they can access that data with ease and speed.”

Justin Cole, Director of Health Data Analytics

Benefits to clients

Health Data Analytics’ clients are also reporting additional successes when they incorporate Inspiremed’s visual dashboards into their strategic and operational decision-making. The data and graphs produced by the software can be a key selling point when highlighting sales opportunities, device usage and potential monthly budget savings.

“Health Data Analytics offers a refreshing approach to working with data in a way that helps with sales force targeting. It helped that Justin was able to add strong commercial value and perspective when training the users!”

Client Managing Director, UK & Ireland

With Health Data Analytics, Inspiremed’s RX Analyser provides at-a-glance data and produces enhanced business intelligence for the wound, stoma and continence markets. Manage and enhance large datasets with ease and use Rx Analyser to identify key market dynamics.

Transform the way data is delivered into your business

RX Analyser gives you the power to transform NHS and IMS prescribing data into a rich source of primary and secondary care information. The software delivers rapid-fire, easy-to-analyse visualisations, enabling you to drill down to the key data sets you need

Get insights from NHS and IMS prescription data in seconds.
Get real time data to cement your decision making process.
Base your sales and marketing on clear, solid facts.
Are you ready to plan your sales and implement your marketing plans based on accurate, data rich analytics? Do you want peace of mind in this ever-changing marketplace that your data needs will always be met with flexible, rapid response answers?

Get in touch today

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To contact the Health Data Analytics team with enquiries about the wound, stoma and continence markets, email

“Inspiremed’s customer service is personal, swift and attentive.”

National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

“Fantastic customer service, any requests from us to fine tune the functionality or appearance of the product is done in most cases on the same day as the request.”

National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

“Working with Inspiremed is a great partnership experience and they make sure they understand your business, the industry that you are in and what you want to achieve in the use of the product.”

National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

“Rx Analyser is used for territory planning, customer proposals, segmentation/targeting positioning, case studies demonstrating the benefits of working alongside us to drive formulary compliance, customer savings analysis and in the future reporting.”

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

“Customers tell us our platform has changed the way they work, that they’ve enhanced the strategies they implement, based on the work they’ve done with the analyser tool and that – bottom line – we’ve helped them to increase their sales. That’s a pretty good result from a chance cup of coffee.”

Andrew Norman and David Warwick, Directors

“We are working in an ever evolving industry where data increasingly drives marketing and sales activity. I believe RX Analyser is the most comprehensive analytics tool available for prescription data analysis. I can already see other business areas (within my company) that could really benefit.”

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

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