Dear pharma, ICSs are coming. Where will your customers go?

As a software company, we know that the introduction of ICSs in spring 2022 could bring significant changes for you as a pharma professional in terms of your personal address book.

The shift means you are going to need to know what’s changing and who’s where, as existing GP practices become part of a locality, arranged into the new ICS network.

“It’s clear that in some places, lead personnel within an ICS may change from their previous responsibility. For example, doctors who’ve been responsible for the care of certain patients in their practice area for years – people with diabetes, let’s say – could be replaced by a different GP in the same ICS. All in the pursuit of greater efficiencies, better patient outcomes, and lower costs.”
(Andrew Norman, Director, Inspiremed)

As the changes take effect, it will be for you to understand the new structures – and which practices sit within each ICS grouping. And, vitally, to know the key personnel and decision makers within those new structures. As Scott McKenzie, Independent Management Consultant working inside the NHS, writes:

“Where ICSs are developing, it’s essential to map the structures and the people leading within these, as well as unearthing those who have influence within the system.”
(Scott McKenzie for Pharmafield)

Who’s responsible now?

In simple terms, as a pharma professional, you’re going to need to know who’s responsible for which area of patient care – simply so you know who to approach and talk to. Which is where Inspiremed can help.

Keep up to date with ease

Inspiremed analytics can help you:

  • identify the new ICSs territories
  • provide a detailed analysis of the new structures
  • map the market potential for each new ICS

Inspiremed’s data-driven approach gives you robust, pragmatic, and accurate real-world analysis. This means you can use proven facts and figures, instead of estimates and guesswork – and build your sales strategy for the new ICSs with confidence.

We make analytics simple.

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National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

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Senior Manager, Global Healthcare Company, 2016

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National Sales Manager, Leading UK Pharmaceutical Company

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National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

“Analyser makes drilling down to the information I need to make key marketing decisions simpler and more targeted. Rx Analyser is both functional and elegant and is backed up by the can-do attitude of the Inspiremed team.”

Group Product Manager, Leading Pharmaceutical Company

“Rx Analyser is used for territory planning, customer proposals, segmentation/targeting positioning, case studies demonstrating the benefits of working alongside us to drive formulary compliance, customer savings analysis and in the future reporting.”

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

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