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Change is coming. And as a pharmaceutical professional, you need to start preparing for the change to come into effect. In Spring 2022, the NHS will introduce over 40 Integrated Care Systems or ICSs across England. The aim of this organisational shift is to create better efficiencies and promote better patient outcomes.

At the time of writing, some of these ICSs are already in place, while others are in the early stages of development, which means they’re at different stages of maturity. And, to stay ahead of the curve and make the best use of your time and resources, it’s essential that you understand what’s happening to your customer base and to the structural framework in which you operate.

Change is coming

The structure of the ICSs is going to change the configuration of your territory, alter the boundaries, and – as a result – change your markets.

Worrying? It needn’t be.

Data-driven confidence

Inspiremed provides a data-driven approach that gives you robust, pragmatic, and accurate real-world analysis. So, you can identify where your new markets are, compared with previous or current markets. And map your territory planning, account planning, and key opinion planning based on facts and figures.

With our help you can use proven facts and figures on top of your existing structures and achieve the effective account planning you need to build your sales strategy for the new ICS with confidence.

“You may find you have to look at targets in a more strategic way, compared to what you’re doing now. Effective planning will ensure that accounts won’t overlap, and that your Account Managers have structured PCNs to manage – ensuring efficiencies. Our analytics can help you to map all that information with ease.”
(Andrew Norman, Director, Inspiremed)

Taking the holistic approach

We understand that the new Primary Care Networks need pharmaceutical companies to think holistically. To support their networks by defining specific markets and offer analysis as to how those markets could be improved, in terms of better patient outcomes, and great economies.

We can help to support you with a mix of analytics that pull in the HES data and Primary Care data within your network to create a clear and accurate picture of how your company can help to improve patient care, provide better patient outcomes, and improve efficiencies.

The ICSs are subject to potential change until April 2022, we’ll help you prepare for this upcoming shift in the way England’s health and care system is organised with confidence.

We make analytics simple.

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Inspiremed’s customer service is great. They always answer calls and emails and nothing is ever a problem. What’s it like, working with Inspiremed? Open dialogue. Lots of idea sharing. Great.

Senior Manager, Global Healthcare Company, 2016

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Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

Budget impact calculation makes for a much more informed discussion with customers where cost savings are a key driver.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

Working with Inspiremed is a great partnership experience and they make sure they understand your business, the industry that you are in and what you want to achieve in the use of the product.

National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

We are working in an ever evolving industry where data increasingly drives marketing and sales activity. I believe RX Analyser is the most comprehensive analytics tool available for prescription data analysis. I can already see other business areas (within my company) that could really benefit.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

Our sales team use RX Analyser to analyse results and opportunity; it’s used by management to measure performance and identify national trends to drive targeting and strategy.

National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

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