How Rx Analyser delivers sales success

How Rx Analyser took this global pharma client from data overwhelm to sales success

“I am regularly told by my sales teams that Inspiremed’s software is one of the best tools in sales, measurement and planning that they’ve ever used,”

DC, Sales and Marketing Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company

About our client

Our client specialises in the development of hormone therapies for men and women. The company manufactures a range of solutions for the treatment of androgen deficiency, as well as gynecological, fertility and obstetrical conditions.

Testosterone replacement therapy is the standard treatment for male hypogonadism, but there has been increased marketing in the medical media promoting testosterone replacement for men with erectile dysfunction or for older men with low serum testosterone.

“In the UK, prescriptions for testosterone products have roughly doubled since 2001, and the global market for the drugs has increased 12-fold. In 2011, the market was valued at £1bn. However, due to a particularly significant increase in prescribing more expensive transdermal solutions, the cost to the NHS showed a 267% escalation, from £3.2 million to £11.7 million in ten years.”

David Warwick, Inspiremed

Our client initially approached Inspiremed to help with the changing pharma marketplace, following the introduction of the government’s open data initiative.

“With the change in the dynamics in the marketplace, we cannot afford to throw mud against the wall and hope it sticks. We need to be targeted and more efficient. Using a robust solution like RX Analyser and Inspiremed’s data analytics, has revolutionised the way we approach the market and streamlined our processes by filling the gaps.”

DC, Sales and Marketing Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company

To achieve the objective set by our client, we filter and enhance some 30 million NHS prescribing datasets, and age and gender demographics per month, which are then populated into the company’s model.

By proposing a software model that’s adapted to their requirements, we enabled our client’s to enter the market in a highly focused way, building their direct sales operation in the UK from scratch.

Equipped with access to enhanced NHS data and the advanced analytics provided by RX Analyser, the team is now empowered to enhance its planning capability.

How we helped our pharma client achieve sales success

The availability of big data since 2012 has changed the landscape for pharma companies. However, the sheer volume of raw data available can render it impenetrable, meaningless and unmanageable.

“Much has been made of the wealth of opportunities presented by big data – but getting to what’s valuable is a complex process.”

David Warwick, Inspiremed

To be able to use big data and provide compelling market insights, our client’s account managers needed the right tools to be able to make accurate interpretations and extract useful analysis.

Our initial steps

We worked with our client to help form their sales structure, most notably deciding how to define the UK into six territories while balancing their boundaries to create approximately equal opportunity and size – and measuring performance delivery and competitor delivery.

With this help, they could effectively strategise and target each of their newly defined regions with a location-specific campaign to maximise sales.

Inspiremed provide crucial insights into the pharma landscape

To gain useable insights into the locality of their sales, and monitor their performance in relation to competitor success, we used various sources of big data, including age demographics, gender demographics and the NHS prescription data set.

We then produced a bespoke ‘mapping model’ to include this data, which enabled the team to achieve a very specific, targeted territory alignment for their new UK sales structure.

We produced a series of dashboards, as an extension to the territory mapping, for market insights, which provided the team with insights they could employ to great effect when targeting CCGs.

In supplying our client with this business intelligence and with measurement processes, we gave their team vital insight into the testosterone therapies landscape. Crucially, this data enabled the company to visualise its progress in comparison to its targets.

“We helped our client to identity and target specific regions, forecast opportunities, focus their marketing activities and accurately measure and assess sales success.”

Andrew Norman, Inspiremed

Easy-to-interpret findings and analysis

We also developed an automated report process, based on prescribing data. This outlined the client’s performance delivery within set parameters to a monthly schedule and presented the findings in graphical and numerical visualisations.

This document was then shared with senior management and all sales reps so that the company had a national overview of performance, as well as a breakdown of individual region performance.

Previously, the client’s marketing personnel had had to dedicate significant time, effort, and resources to extrapolate the same information that was necessary to deliver the level of insight that sales teams needed.

Inspiremed’s offering automated the process and created more specific categories for presenting the data, e.g data key search and performance analysis.

Through working with us, our client has reduced the size of their sales teams substantially, adopted a key account management model, and moved higher up the supply chain to target medicines management teams and payer personnel of the CCGs.

How our client used the new insights

The client’s executives and sales reps use Inspiremed’s dashboards and enhanced data to drill down to the information they need within seconds.

This means that, regardless of geography or product, the team can manage a detailed analysis of their product against competitor products through a central hub of performance visualisation – in graphical and numerical representation.

In addition, sales managers can view data relevant to individual reps and the area they are responsible for, or roll this data up into a top line view on sales performance. The dashboard also provides both reps and managers with the data they need to perform budget impact and cost impact modelling for both their consumers and future prospects.

There is now no need for business intelligence personnel to expend significant time, effort, and resources to cut the data into a format that’s usable and insightful.

The financial benefits of rapid access to data insights

By assessing the individual landscape of each practice, most significantly the percentage of their product and competitors’ products that clinicians prescribe over a two year moving history, the sales teams can make better executive decisions for where to invest in each region.

In addition, they have greater insight into the impact of supporting tactics, for example marketing campaigns and journalistic advertising, and are able to follow the cause and impact in the different territories. The information can then be used to optimise a more focused regional strategy planning.

Crucially, users are able to see through the data and implement strategies to help their brand and product reach its true potential.

“I am regularly told by my sales teams that Inspiremed’s software is one of the best tools in sales, measurement and planning that they’ve ever used,”

DC, Sales and Marketing Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Obviously I wouldn’t recommend Rx Analyser to our direct competitors as I believe the level of insight provided really gives us an edge.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

I am regularly told by my sales team that Inspiremed’s software is one of the best tools in sales, measurement and planning that they’ve ever used.

National Sales Manager, Leading UK Pharmaceutical Company

Rx Analyser is used for territory planning, customer proposals, segmentation/targeting positioning, case studies demonstrating the benefits of working alongside us to drive formulary compliance, customer savings analysis and in the future reporting.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

Key benefits? Simple graphics that are easy to use in presentations. Easy to download. And the level of available detail down to GP practice.

Senior Manager, Global Healthcare Company, 2016

Customers tell us our platform has changed the way they work, that they’ve enhanced the strategies they implement, based on the work they’ve done with the analyser tool and that – bottom line – we’ve helped them to increase their sales. That’s a pretty good result from a chance cup of coffee.

Andrew Norman and David Warwick, Directors

Working with Inspiremed is a great partnership experience and they make sure they understand your business, the industry that you are in and what you want to achieve in the use of the product.

National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

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