How can pharma shape itself to be ready to work with PCNs?

The need to offer efficiencies to the NHS creates an opportunity for pharma companies. But to be able to understand where those opportunities lie, they need to identify key networks – and the decision makers within each PCN. Here’s how Inspiremed can help.

The launch of NHS Primary Care Networks in spring 2020 could have a significant effect on pharma companies. The new networks are forming to improve the ability of practices to:

  • recruit and retain staff
  • manage financial and estates pressures
  • provide a wider range of services to patients
  • more easily integrate with the wider health and care system

(The King’s Fund)

The need to offer efficiencies to the NHS creates an opportunity for pharma companies. But to be able to understand where those opportunities lie, they need to identify the key drivers within each Primary Care Network – and build effective market access plans around these key PCNs.

As Primary Care Networks need to offer an improved local service, so pharma companies need to be able to identify the priority areas for each Primary Care Network, for example a specialism in diabetes care or osteoporotic care.

Pharma companies need to consider how they address the new breed of specialist ‘decision-makers’ within PCNs, and how they can influence these key personnel, by offering ‘value’ for the whole group.

Inspiremed can help pharma companies to gain market access by mapping and segmenting PCNs into usable analytics that provide knowledge of and insight into the most potentially valuable groupings for their particular business.

Identifying each PCN’s priorities will be paramount to pharma’s success in developing good and effective market access strategy and campaigns.

How can Inspiremed help Pharma?

Mapping the key PCNs into market access analytics and segmentation models gives direct insight into how these groups are structured across CCGs – and will enable pharma to derive definitive strategies.

Our analytics can quickly help pharma with market access dynamics for this important and evolving NHS group.

“Working with Inspiremed is a great partnership experience and they make sure they understand your business, the industry that you are in and what you want to achieve in the use of the product.”

National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

“I use the data from RXA Budget Impact Model daily. It is the core of everything we do! I cannot recommend the model more. It has had a substantial impact on our business across the board and I would not be without it.”

Country Manager UK, Leading Diagnostics Company

“Budget impact calculation makes for a much more informed discussion with customers where cost savings are a key driver.”

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leading Healthcare Company, 2016

“The budget impact models are a real benefit.”

National Sales Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company

“We chose Rx Analyser is because we wanted visibility of sales for our products. Rx Analyser is perfect for delivering a detailed level of data to practice level. The data is enabling us to set targets at territory level and assist our planning process as we can understand our competitor sales via Rx Analyser far better than previously.”

National Paediatric Manager, UK Health and Wellness Company

“Key benefits? Simple graphics that are easy to use in presentations. Easy to download. And the level of available detail – down to GP practice.”

Senior Manager, Global Healthcare Company, 2016

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